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Near Parnham, Dorset Country Hotel

A fabulous Tudor house, Parnham was purchased in 1976 by the furniture maker John Makepeace.

A home for his cabinet making business, furniture workshop and showroom.

Today, Parnham is run by a non-profit making Educational Trust which provides funds to run a school for young craftsmen.

The house was remodelled by John Nash in the early nineteenth century and is idyllically set in a wooded valley with the most beautiful gardens. Gazebos, ballustraded terraces, hedged enclosures, rills and pyramid yews that stand like permanent sentinels are all part of the Arts and Crafts garden that was probably designed by Inigo Thomas.

Parnham is situated to the south of Beaminster on the Bridport road. The first Parnham House was built around 1400 by the Gerard family and passed into the hands of the Strode family in the reign of Henry VI and it remained in that family for three hundred years. In 1522 Sir Robert Stroud married the daughter of Sir John Hody, Henry VIII’s Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer and her considerable fortune helped him to rebuild Parnham.

In 1776, Parnham descended through the female line to the Oglanders of Nunwell, on the Isle of Wight. William Oglander commissioned the fashionable architect, John Nash, to restore and enlarge the house in 1810.

The house then saw several more owners before being purchase by John Makepeace.

“A lovely garden and the glorious weather, and the meal and wines were really delicious in every way.”

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